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[08/07/17] Happy five year anniversary of Ghostly World!

[08/07/16] Happy four year anniversary of Ghostly World!

[08/18/15] America’s Most Haunted: Alaska expanded revision released.

[08/07/15] Happy three year anniversary of Ghostly World!

[06/10/15] Free eBook giveaway on June 9th and 10th only: The Story of Waverly Hills Sanatorium and Haunted Waverly Hills.

[05/23/15] Ghostly World reaches 100,000 views.

[12/29/14] Updates coming to the newsletter in January 2015.

[12/11/14] First Ghostly World Book, The Story of Waverly Hills Sanatorium, will be published on Amazon through Ghostly World Publishing.


[08/07/14] Happy two year anniversary of Ghostly World! In that time, we’ve had over 60,000 visitors, obtained more than 200 followers, been viewed everywhere in North America and Europe, written over 500 posts, received 780 comments (Anne Frank’s Secret Annex being the most popular post), and have been featured in the bibliography of Haunted Big Bend Florida and cited as a source for a Huffington Post article. The most viewed tags were Paranormal and Death, respectively. There are more than 3,000 tags and 150 categories on the site. The top five countries that have viewed us the most are the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, and Finland.

[07/29/14] We have new shirts in the Ghostly World shop.

[05/15/14] Ghostly World reaches 200 followers.

[05/05/14] At 12:30 PM, Ghostly World hits 50,000 views.

[02/26/14] We have added new, sleeker social media icons at the bottom of our pages and posts, as well as a brand new “related post” section at the end of each post. We are beginning a Tumblr site.

[01/28/14] We are removing our QuikNav navigational system.

[01/17/14] Improvements are being made to Our Ghostly World, a sub-site of Ghostly World, as we turn it into a paranormal travel guide.


[01/06/14] Developing Ghostly World Locations sub-site. (UPDATE: Site development cancelled).

[01/03/14] Over the course of the new year, Ghostly World and its sub-sites will be going through some improvements. Expect to see some changes within the next four months.



[12/11/13] We’ve updated the Ghostly World Dictionary to make it more efficient and less cluttered.

[08/07/13] Happy one year anniversary of Ghostly World!

[08/07/12] Welcome to Ghostly World!