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Q. What is Ghostly World?

A. In short, Ghostly World is a free online database/website dedicated to haunted places, abandonments, ghost towns, and paranormal activity. However, we are also a resource for aspiring ghost hunters (Ghost Hunting 101) and a safe place for people to share their personal encounters with the spirit world. One of our goals is to present information in a historical, narrative context, exploring stories of history neglected by the history books.

Q. How Do I Find What I Want?

A. If you are searching for specific content on our website, you may utilize the Search bar found at the bottom of the site. You can also visit the Location section of our website, where everything is sorted by categories and tags, making it easy to find similar content.

Q. How Can I Be a Part of This Website?

A. Becoming an active participant in Ghostly World is very easy! You can submit locations you would like to see written about, share your personal experience(s), and subscribe to our newsletter. We’re currently working to bring more interactive experiences to you.

Q. How Do I Know if the Information on This Site is Reliable?

A. We do as much research as possible before posting our content. If there is a mistake, we will work on fixing it immediately, as we aspire to provide the most accurate database as we possibly can to our visitors. If you would like to report an issue, please contact us.

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  1. Bruce M. Lipscombe says:


    I am Director of Collections and Interpretation for Gaineswood, National Historic Landmark a property of the Alabama Historical Commission.

    How may I make a couple of corrections to your Gaineswood page?

    Thank you,
    Bruce M. Lipscombe


    1. Hello Mr. Lipscombe,

      You can send your corrections to us via email at ghostlyworldblog@gmail.com.

      Hope this helps!

      Ghostly World
      Email At: ghostlyworldblog@gmail.com


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