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Have something to say? We’re here to listen! All inquiries will be answered as soon as possible. Share your question, compliment, comment, complaint, or personal paranormal experience and we’ll answer! We’ve also moved our Suggestion Box to this page. You can also report broken links and any other issues you may come across on Ghostly World.

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In order to keep the Ghostly World community safe, we have a few rules in place to ensure a happy experience for our visitors. We also have some rules regarding our content.

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If you have a question, the FAQs will have the answer.

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Read up on news in the paranormal world, site updates, and information about haunted places. In 2018, we will be working to integrate Ghostly World News into Ghostly World.

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Know of a haunt, abandonment, or ghost town we don’t have? Submit it to us and we’ll get it up within seven days of you writing us.


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View all of our statistical data from 2012 to 2015, with information on our most popular content and more. Click on one of the reports below to view them:

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