William J. Lemp, Sr.


FULL NAME: William J. Lemp, Sr.
BORN: 1835
DEATH: February 13th, 1904


Adam Lemp’s son, William J. Lemp, was born in 1835 in Germany and attended St. Louis University, having immigrated to the States along with his family. For a period of time, William worked for his father at the Western Brewery, but went on to form a partnership with a different brewer from a different company. With the arrival of the Civil War, he enlisted in the United States Reserve Corps, where he attained the rank of Orderly Sergeant. William Lemp eventually married Julia Feickert.

Upon his father Adam’s death in 1862, William J. Lemp became the owner and operator of the Western Brewery; he expanded it by adding a large building above the caves in 1864. Under his management, the brewery grew to be the largest in St. Louis (eventually, the largest outside New York with a single owner).

In 1878, the business added a refrigerating machine, and Lemp Beer was soon sold worldwide. William had a total of four children (two of which – William Jr. and Louis – became the company’s vice president and superintendent, respectively, in 1892). Frederick Lemp was born in 1873 with unknown health problems; as result of these issues, he died on October 12th, 1901, leaving his father so distraught that he committed suicide via gunshot at 10:15 AM on February 13th, 1904.

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