William “Grancer” Harrison

FULL NAME: William “Grancer” Harrison
BORN: 1789
DEATH: 1860


William “Grancer” Harrison came to Alabama during the 1830s, where he would come to build a large plantation. He and his wife, Nancy, had a total of seven children:

  • Elizabeth
  • Mary
  • Charlotte
  • James M.
  • Frances
  • Sarah
  • John A. William A.
  • Moses M.
  • Martha Jane

Harrison was immensely successful when it came to cotton planting and selling. It is said that he owned the most slaves in the county. Harrison’s nickname of “Grancer” originated from how his slaves would call him “grand-sir.” On every Saturday he possibly could, Grancer Harrison hosted barbeques, dances, and horse races; eventually, he had a dance hall built for his parties.

As Grancer began to grow old, he started preparing final arrangements (one of them was that he wished to be buried near the dance hall). In 1860, his time came, and the dance hall and the Saturday parties failed miserably without the robust personality of Grancer Harrison to lead them.

However, his spirit lived on, as there have been several reported sightings of his apparition playing the fiddle and dancing in the cemetery.

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