Henry Hiatt

FULL NAME: Harold Irving Pratt
BORN: 1816
DEATH: 1900


Henry Hiatt was born in Dublin, Indiana in 1816. In 1856, he moved out to the Kansas Territory with his wife and five children, eventually settling down in Bloomington. For a short while after arriving there, Hiatt and two other men operated a saw mill, but he left the business within the year. He and his family moved seven miles southwest of the town.

Upon arrival, he founded Twin Mound, naming it for the two identical hills. While Hiatt never explained why he left Bloomington, it was known that he hated the power of the organized church system in America, preferring Confucius’ version of the Golden Rule. Most likely, he did not like the imposing churches in Bloomington. In many ways, Hiatt was an anarchist.

In 1900, Henry Hiatt passed away and was buried in a homemade coffin in the Twin Mound Cemetery (established in 1858 when his first wife died).

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