Charles Lemp


FULL NAME: Charles Lemp

BORN: Unknown

DEATH: May 9th or 10th, 1949


The third son of William J. Lemp, Sr. and the final Lemp to reside in the Lemp Mansion (beginning in 1929), Charles left his job at the brewery in 1917 so he could pursue a new career of banking and finance, even experimenting briefly in politics. He never married, living only with his dog, two servants, and a married couple during his time at the mansion.

In April, 1941, Charles wrote a letter to a funeral home in St. Louis requesting that whenever he died, he should like to be taken to the Missouri Crematory via ambulance, and that his body should not be bathed, clothed, or changed; his ashes were to be put in a wicker box and buried on his farm, and there would be no funeral or notice put in the newspaper.

Eight years later, on May 9th (possibly 10th), 1949, Charles shot his dog, then himself. He had written suicide note, reading:

St. Louis Mo/May 9th, 1949

In case I am found dead, blame it on no one but me.

– Ch. A. Lemp

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