William (Billy) J. Lemp, Jr.


FULL NAME: William “Billy” J. Lemp, Jr.
BORN: Unknown
DEATH: Unknown


William “Billy” J. Lemp, Jr., like his brother, attended St. Louis University, studying to become a brewer. In 1899, Billy married Lillian Handlan, who was nicknamed “the Lavender Lady” given her tendency to wear that shade of purple; she filed for divorce in 1908, claiming that Billy had deserted her, treated her cruelly, and caused her several other indignities. Eleven days after the filing went through, she was given custody of William III, their only child. It was rumored, however, that William J. Lemp, Jr. had second son named “Zeke,” though there is very little information on him.

Billy Lemp (who had become president of the Western Brewery on November 7th, 1904) built his home by the Meramec River shortly thereafter the trial, taking up residence there by 1914. With Prohibition in place, Lemp Brewery suffered a mighty blow and had to be shut down, with the property selling for mere pennies on the dollar.

On December 29th, 1922, Billy Lemp committed suicide in his office (now the front left dining room).

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