Adam Lemp


FULL NAME: Johann “Adam” Lemp
BORN: 1798
DIED: August 23, 1862


Born Johann Lemp in Gruningen, Germany in 1798, Adam Lemp immigrated to St. Louis, Missouri, where he worked as a grocer, in 1838; after a short period of time, he operated his own store, A. Lemp & Co., located off of Sixth and Morgan streets. By 1840, Lemp established a brewing company called the Western Brewery (making him among the first people in the United States to make German lager). The brewery was a highly successful endeavor given the area’s rising German population. Adam Lemp was a naturalized United States citizen by November, 1841. Within twenty years, he managed to create forty breweries in the caves along the Mississippi river. On August 23rd, 1862, Adam Lemp passed away at 64 years of age.

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