Personal Experience at the Capitol Theatre in Salt Lake City, Utah

Capitol Theatre, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

This experience was reported by one of Ghostly World’s readers and is based entirely on eyewitness testimony.


Submitted by Dave Murphy on 09/15/13

So let me begin, what was shown did happen, but they added encounters, one upon another. When my Sergeant said “that place is haunted” I laughed at him, then the first day on the job I knew he wasn’t kidding, in a bad way as well.

The story they created about a boy dying in the theatre was true, but not as portrayed, and let me explain.

The night Greg showed up, we had no clue that the young man’s name was Patrick Duffy, we learned that years later. Greg knew because he spoke to the spirit that night, and this I will say. Patrick isn’t the evil spirit that haunts the theatre, he told us himself. There are many spirits in that building, some you do not want to be around, I found out myself.

As I worked there 4.5 months, I had multiple encounters, most weren’t good. I was physically attacked, seen apparitions and ‘NO’ I never ran out of the building as they portrayed me doing, that was B.S.

Yes there was something caught on camera, and it wasn’t a picture of a burnt boy,it was a demonic face seen by many officers. Since it is the property of the county, no one could make a copy, so no one has proof, but it was seen by at least 3 officers that day.

I myself had many encounters with the Paranormal, and over the years I collected stories and I’m in the process of having the book finished. The stories the way officers saw and had encounters will be told as they unfolded, not the way Hollywood sees fit.

Not to say they lied, but they didn’t do Justice to what really lurks in that building.

When you have things happen to you that happened to officers years before, something haunts that building and has for decades.


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