Personal Experience at the Capitol Theatre in Salt Lake City, Utah

Capitol Theatre, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

This experience was reported by one of Ghostly World’s readers and is based entirely on eyewitness testimony.


Submitted by Schatzman on 04/24/13

I, too, worked for Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office at Capitol Theatre. My first time in the basement I thought I heard a person whispering my name as I walked down a hallway to the bathroom. In the bathroom it felt really eerie. I thought I was just psyching myself out and tried not to think about it. As I opened the door to walk out of the bathroom I felt a hand rub the back of my head. In the following years I worked at the building off and on.

After the opera “Carmen” in 2009-2010, I was locking the doors in the basement to the dressing rooms. I felt a strong presence and the hair on the back of my neck rose. I felt like I was being rushed by something. I looked down the hallway and watched a woman in a blue flowing dress walk from a cross connecting hallway and disappear through the wall. I never went into the basement again without the lights on. I was watching the cameras of the ticket lobby.

Often when people walk by and cars pass them in the evening their shadows are cast along the interior walls. I observed a person which appeared to be filled in by the static of a television, walking down the center of the room. No headlights or lengthened shadows were cast on the walls. The figure walked into the ambient light from a television and disappeared. I had many other instances where I could hear dancers on the stage by the sounds of feet. The elevators would often be open on a particular floor, you’d walk to the floor above or below and the elevator would be there and open.

One night I was working a group of paranormal investigators came in. I walked with them and we recorded opera music playing in loops in the orchestra pit. We also recorded a male growling in the spot light room. This building is often easy to read when you walk through the doors it was either peaceful or you could tell you were in for one crazy night. I am not some crazy individual. I now work for another law enforcement agency and am in the military. I still feel drawn to this building and often have nightmares that I am trapped inside of it.



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