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All across the world, people have experienced the paranormal, be it ghost sightings, demonic possession, poltergeist activity, or something else. If you have encountered the some unusual activity, please share it to our site!

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In order for your submission to serve as viable help so we can enter it into our site, we will need to know four things about the story:

Your name: It does not need to be your birth or legal name, but we do need at least one name to call you by. Consider using a nickname or username if you are uncomfortable with using your real name.

Your email: We’ll let you know when your story has been published and we’ll provide you with a link.

Where it happened: Was it at your residence or a more famous haunt, such as Alcatraz? We do not want street addresses or anything that could potentially violate privacy in the case of residential hauntings.

What happened: Detail the activity that you experienced. For example, were you physically attacked by the entity? Were objects levitating? Be as clear about it as possible.

When it happened: Be sure that you include dates, times, and the timeframe in which all of the activity occurred. The more details, the better!


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