Personal Experience at Searcy Hospital

Searcy Hospital, Mt. Vernon, Alabama, USA

This experience was reported by one of Ghostly World’s readers and is based entirely on eyewitness testimony.


Submitted by Cecil Daily  on 08/04/19

I worked at the facilty for 23yrs until they closed,there is no doubt that ghost exsist, i personally had several in counters while working there,my first incounter happen when iwas taking my lunch break,and decided to take a stroll near the old grave yard, just out of curiosity.iwanted to see what it looked like,i had heard many stories about, patients ,indian ,conferate troops were buried somewhere in the area,i stumble up on what appeard to be several old broken headstones.this was a nice sunnyday of june,then the strangest thing happen. i felt as if someone or somthing was in my presents the area iwas in became darker, the birds stop singing and i began to get chill bumps, all over me a strong gust of win came from know where,just in the aera i was standing.i then realize it was time to leave,as i began to leave the sun came back out the birds began to cherp again,this was and offlimits area behind lockgate there wasnt any employees in the area,illnever forget that moment thats just one of several encounters ive had with ghost,


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