Katherine Donahue (“The Swamp Bride”)

Woods in Maureen Circle, East Greenwich, Rhode Island, USA | Female

During August, c.1810, there was a woman named Katherine Donahue who was in love with Jonathan Cuttle, and they planned to wed in September. She lived a near-perfect life, which exception of a neighboring man named David Jones who was obsessed with Katherine.

One day, Katherine took her younger brother, Charles, down to the nearby swamp. There, Katherine fetched water for the family and Charles started hunting the pheasants. Meanwhile, David was losing his sanity, knowing that Katherine would never love him, and he charged out the door with a black knife.

First, he stopped by Jonathan’s Farm, where he met up with Jonathan. Jonathan was moving hay with a pitchfork, and he set it down for a moment. David then grabbed the pitchfork and stabbed it into Jonathan’s back. Back at the swamp, Katherine was sitting by the side of the water when David threw the knife at her, and it landed in her neck. As she fell down and died, she was screaming in pain.

Now, rocking chairs have been heard rocking on their own and strange noises, such as footsteps, voices, and moans, have been heard emanating from the halls. Another version of the tale says that Katherine was the daughter of a 20th century mill owner, and she was brutally raped and had her heart cut out.