Human Ghosts

While most ghosts are thought of as being human, a number of them are animals. Most often, they are beloved pets who are too attached to their living owners to leave for the afterlife.


C.C. Pegues

Cahaba, Alabama, USA | Unknown – 1860 | Male

Colonel C.C. Pegues resided in his home in Cahaba, Alabama until his death in 1860. His spirit is seen in the form of an orb floating through the cedar groves behind his house.

Fred Archer

Pegasus Stables, England, EU | January 11th, 1857 – November 8th, 1886 | Male

Successful jockey Frederick James “Fred” Archer was described as being the “best all-round jockey that turf had ever seen” during his career. His life took a downward spiral that ultimately led him to suicide. Read more >>


Algeria, Africa | Male

“Itchy” is an unknown spirit known for scratching the walls.

Sydney Grimlett

Auburn University Chapel, Auburn, Alabama, USA | Unknown – c. 1860s | Male

Sydney Grimlett died due to blood loss during the amputation of his leg after serving the Confederate army during the Civil War. He now haunts the Auburn University Chapel.

William “Grancer” Harrison

Harrison Cemetery/Grancer Harrison’s Dance Hall, Kinston, Alabama, USA | 1789 – 1860 | Male

William “Grancer” (“Grand Sir”) Harrison is a benign spirit who is often seen dancing in his dance hall or his cemetery.

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