Animal Ghosts

While most ghosts are thought of as being human, a number of them are animals. Most often, they are beloved pets who are too attached to their living owners to leave for the afterlife.


Dolly Varden

The Whaley House – San Diego, California, USA

Dolly Varden was the beloved terrier dog belonging to the Whaley family, residing inside their infamous home in San Diego, California until her death of natural causes. Her spirit has been seen running into the dining room. In many cases, she licks visitors’ toes or legs. Young children are the primary witnesses of Dolly Varden’s ghost.

The Headless Man’s Dog

Jeruk Purut Cemetery – Jakarta, Indonesia, Asia

A priest or pastor was said to have been killed via decapitation in the Jeruk Purut Cemetery. His large black dog can always be seen by his side there.

The Highway 12 Dog

Highway 12 West – Frederica, Delaware, USA

As the story goes, the dog’s master was so infuriated with his landlord that he murdered him, ground his corpse into cornmeal, and fed it to the dog. The dog’s glowing red eyes now glare at passersby on Highway 12.


Hussar’s Gold

Covington, Kentucky, USA

Hussar’s Gold and his owner, Mary Wheeldon, have been seen roaming the countryside near Covington, Kentucky. During the 1890s, Mary owned a horse breeding farm named Corbet Acres. However, she lost the property due to family problems. She and Hussar’s Gold escaped into the forest and lived there for twelve years. Two men from Lexington discovered them residing there.

People and relatives visited them, but she wanted her privacy. Hussar’s Gold and Mary Wheeldon spent the rest of their lives together. Now, both of them are seen walking alongside each other.

White Stallion

Owyhee County, Idaho, USA

The ghost of a white stallion with a pack of phantom horses has been sighted in Owyhee County, Idaho. They tend to show up and save cowboys and farmers who get in some kind of danger in the county. It is believed that this herd will appear from a rift in the clouds and lead those in danger to safety.


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