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The term “ghost” can cover a broad spectrum of paranormal entities, encompassing anything from apparitions to demons to incubi/succubi to orbs. They can be completely benign (and sometimes even friendly), mischievous, or even the very essence of evil. Are they a replay of time? From another dimension layered over our own? The souls of the dead? We may never truly know the answer, but it is very likely that all of these questions are true to some extent.

Our existence is riddled with questions of all kinds, stemming from religious, scientific, and philosophical roots, each blending and melding together in hopes of finding an explanation for it all. Hopefully, trying to sleuth it all out won’t send you into an existential crisis. In short, ghosts are too real to ignore – there have been a plethora of reports from across the globe, spanning through numerous cultures and communities.

Animal Ghosts

Whether they are wild or domesticated, animals have been known to haunt places. Pets oftentimes roam with their former masters.

Celebrity Ghosts

From Kurt Kobain to Marilyn Monroe to Elvis Presley, several famous faces have turned up as spirits following their deaths.

Human Ghosts

People make up the vast majority of the spirit world. Whether they died of natural causes, murder, or suicide, they tend to stay behind more than animal ghosts. A few celebrities have been known to linger around as spirits, too.

Personal Experiences

Check out stories that our viewers have submitted to us with their own paranormal experience.