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Thousands upon thousands of haunted locales, abandoned places, and ghost towns are scattered across the world, with the list of recorded locations growing with each passing year. Thusly, it is impossible for us to post them all at once: we need your help!

If there is a certain location you would like to see posted that is not currently in our database, submit it using one of the forms below. There, you’ll enter what you know about your favorite haunt, abandoned place, and/or ghost town. We will do our best to get the location posted within seven days of your submission’s send date.


In order for your submission to serve as viable help so we can enter it into our site, we will need to know four things about the location:

The name of the location: In order to do our research, it’s imperative we have the name of the haunt, abandonment, or ghost town. The name is specific, like Waverly Hills Sanitorium or the Winchester Mystery House.

Where it’s located: This helps us narrow down which location it is we are entering. For instance, there are multiple haunted bridges called “Cry Baby Bridge,” so we would need to know which Cry Baby Bridge you are referring to. We’re looking for responses like “Louisville, Kentucky” or “San Jose, California.”

The class of the location: We have three classes of locations we use on this site: haunts, abandoned places, and ghost towns. See below for the qualifications of each class.

The category of the location: The category determines what sort of location the haunt/abandonment is, such as an insane asylum, hospital, prison, house, etc. If you are unsure which of these your haunt or abandonment qualifies as, enter it as “Unknown.”

The more information you can give us, the better!


Haunted Places: Any place that has paranormal activity involving ghosts, demons, spirits, or other supernatural entities.

Ghost Towns: Towns that lack most or all of their inhabitants and have several abandoned buildings.

Abandoned Locations: A building or location that is now defunct and considered to be abandoned (if it is haunted, it is considered a haunted place, regardless of whether or not it is haunted).


If you are unsure about the fields of this form, review the information above on this page.


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