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Submit a Location

There are thousands upon thousands of haunts, abandonments, and ghost towns worldwide, with the list of these recorded places growing with each passing year. Because of this, it is impossible for us to get them all posted at once, leaving some locations missing from our database.

If there is a certain location that you would like to see posted that is currently not in our database, simply submit it to us using one of the forms linked below. From there, all you have to do is enter what you know about your favorite location, and we’ll get it posted within seven days of your submission’s send date.

Submission Types

Haunted Places

Any place that has paranormal activity involving ghosts, demons, or other spirits.

Is there at least one spirit that remains at the location? The answer should be yes.

Examples of Haunts

Ghost Towns

Towns that lack most or all of their inhabitants, and usually feature abandoned buildings.

Are there only a few or no inhabitants? The answer should be yes.

Examples of Ghost Towns

Abandoned Locations

A building or location that is now defunct and considered to be abandoned.

Is it haunted? The answer should be no. If the answer is yes, it is qualified as a haunt.

Is it an abandoned town? The answer should be no. If the answer is yes, it is qualified as a ghost town.

Examples of Abandonments

Submission Form

Things We Need to Know

  1. The name of the location
    • e.g. The Mound, Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Bryce Hospital
  2. Where the place is located
    • e.g. Tuscaloosa, Alabama; Kenai, Alaska
  3. What class of location is it?
    • Haunted Place, Abandonment, or Ghost Town
  4. The category of the place
    • e.g. Insane Asylum, Government Building, Castle, Ghost Town

If you are unsure about any of these categories, please enter “unknown”. Please include as much information as you possibly can to assist our ability to enter this information into our site.