Hope Hill Cemetery (The Dollhouse Grave)

Hope Hill Cemetery, located between Milan and Medina in Gibson County, Tennessee, is home to the spirit of a young girl who died under controversial and shady circumstances in 1931. In some sources, the five-year-old Dorothy Marie Harvey was said to have perished to natural causes, while others offer a much more sinister tale of her being raped and beaten to death by her uncle. Another version state she was killed by a piano dropped by the mover that her parents hired. In any case, her family built a dollhouse over her grave after she was buried since it was her favorite place to play (the original has had to be rebuilt several times due to vandals; it is now maintained by family members).


Prior to operating as SOAARR, the facility served as a rehabilitation camp for teens and adolescents struggling with substance abuse. Currently abandoned, SOAARR…

Jessie Creek Cemetery

The Jessie  Creek Cemetery is located near the Circle Mountain and infamous “haunted hill” just outside Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Currently abandoned, the cemetery is situated in an open field near a small defunct lawn and landscape business. The site is now overgrown, making it difficult to spot when driving past it. Visitors report having electrical problems with their digital cameras.

Beach at Bethany

Location: Bethany Beach, Delaware, USA Discovered: Unknown Category: Nature > Beach Status: Still standing History Bethany Beach is haunted by a ragged-looking military spirit in tattered clothing that roams along a stretch of the shore. Though uncertain, it is believed that the ghost is Eddie “Fast Eddie” Rickenbacker (b. October 8th, 1890), an Air Force/Army hero from World War…

Secor Cemetery

Secor Cemetery (previously named the Xenia Cemetery) was part of a town that thrived during the 1800s up until the removal of the railroad. All that is left of the town of Xenia is the small, eerie cemetery. People have reported feeling like they were being watched, experiencing cold spots, and a few have witnessed an apparition wielding an ax and patrolling among the graves. Rumor has it that the shad within the cemetery is cursed.

House: Fiddler’s Hall

Location: Lewes, Delaware, USA Built: Unknown Status: Still standing History During the late 1800s, two men were courting the same woman, leading to a bitter feud between them. One night, one of the men decided to scare the other late at night. He hid in a tree, armed with his fiddle, and played frightening noises on…

House: Farm House in Mercer County

Location: Aledo, Illinois, USA Built: Unknown Status: Still standing History The farm house in Mercer County, Aledo, Illinois has been known to have the closet door open when it is latched, and have the pull-chain light in the attic turn on by itself. No matter the time of day, the activity occurs randomly. Sources Farm House in Mercer County…

School: Partridge Preschool

Location: Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri,  USA Built: Unknown Operation Time: ? – Present Type: Preschool Status: Open History The Partridge Preschool was supposedly the site of a four-year-old girl’s murder. Her spirit now rides back and forth on her favorite swing in the playground. When you rattle the doors, she will rattle them back in response.At night,…

Restaurant: Mangy Moose Saloon

Location: Tonsina, Alaska, USA Built: Unknown Operation Time: ? – Present Type: Saloon Status: Open History Since 1980, employees and guests of the Mangy Moose Saloon have been witness to a polite apparition of a tall, thin man with a black mustache who haunts the bar and Room 18. Originally built as an officer’s quarters for…

House: White House

Location: Skagway, Alaska, USA Built: Unknown Status: Abandoned History Currently abandoned, the White House was formerly used as a hospital, hotel, and day-care center. Now, it houses the spirit of a woman in white, whom witnesses believe to be the woman who owned the day-care. In 1988, the building was damaged by fire, and it is now deserted….

Old House on Sherman Church Road, Bolivar, Ohio

Location: Bolivar, Ohio, USA Built: Unknown Status: Abandoned History The abandoned old house in Bolivar, Ohio was a former farmhouse, sitting atop a large property. The looming house has been left to rot on the side of the road, with its windows mostly broken. Sources Old House on Sherman Church Road – Forgotten USA  

Eagles Hall

The Eagles Hall in Skagway, Alaska was constructed sometime during the 1890s after two old hotels were joined together to form the singular building. Several unidentified ghosts are believed to haunt the second floor. Club officers have been sent running out of the hall as result of its strange happenings, such as a mysterious coldness that roams through the halls. In 2010, the Eagles Hall closed.