Laramie Town Square

One building in Laramie’s town square is haunted by the sounds of a piano playing when no one is even in the room. Running can be heard in empty halls. Those who stand near the stairs have reported being pushed down by unseen entities.

Indian Meadows and Shady Grove

Indian Meadows and Shady Grove are communities that were built over old Cherokee burial grounds, and they have had paranormal reports for the last twenty years. Dark figures have been seen in the woods at night. Those who go out for a walk during this time say that they can hear and feel presences following them, only to find that no one is there.

Ramoji Film City, India

Ramoji Film City, similar to Universal Studios in the United States, is a city used for movie purposes. It is said that the city was built over the war grounds of the Nizam Sultans, leading to the haunting of the large film city located inside of Hyderabad.

Dumas, India

There have been reports of noises coming from near the ocean that sound like voices saying “go home” and “don’t go forward”. Dogs have been known to chase people out of the way as if they want them away from the place. It is believed that the hauntings come from a Hindu ritual involving the burning of their dead. The ghosts are said to linger in the air.

Bangalore, India

There are a number of places in Bangalore that have had paranormal activity, including the sightings of apparitions and some abnormal happenings. Locals believe that these hauntings are ghosts and spirits, but it is unknown why they appear.

Ancient City of Wheaten

In the ancient city of Wheaten, lights go on and off by themselves. No one knows why this happens. It is currently the only paranormal activity that Wheaten receives.

Rio de Janeiro

The ghost of Brazilian Emperor Pedro I has been seen at night in the garden of a museum. The guard has reported him doing this several times. It is unknown why he haunts the area, but it can be assumed that he is trying to uphold his leadership.

Brownville, Alabama

During the 1920s, Brownville was an extremely active town. Now, it is a haunted ghost town with only one remain building: the old church. Those who visit the town say you can hear the sound of children laughing from the church’s nursery.

Cahaba, Alabama

Cahaba was selected to be Alabama’s state capitol on November 21st, 1818. By 1820, the town was thriving with large buildings inside of it. However, in 1825, Cahaba was struck by a major flood five years later that destroyed the state house. The catastrophe is attributed to being part of the low elevation of the area, as well as the fact that the two rivers surrounding Cahaba had a reputation of overflowing. Due to the disaster-proneness of the area, Alabama’s capital was changed to Tuscaloosa in January 1826.

After years of being semi-successful, the town began to fall apart. By 1930, only a handful of the original buildings were left. The town, no longer inhabited, is now an important archaeological site, and visitors may still go to it. Cahaba has been the setting of several ghost stories during the 19th and 20th centuries, among the true stories being that of a ghostly orb appearing in the now-demolished garden maze at the former home of C. C. Pegues.