Windigo in Savoy, Massachusetts opened during the 1980s, and it is believed to be haunted by the spirits of six young girls and a woman. Legend has it that one of the camp’s councilors had gone insane, hanging three girls in a barn and drowning another three in a tub. After her rampage, she proceeded to commit suicide. Odd paranormal activity now surrounds the camp and the adjacent Winsor State Forest.

Camp Lulu

Camp Lulu in Brownsville, Texas was opened as a summer camp for young children. However, the nice getaway quickly turned sour after a counselor went insane and proceeded to rape and kill the girls. Now, the sounds of girls crying can be heard at night. The property owner works to preserve the souls of the young girls and shoots at anyone who trespasses.

Girl Scout Camp in Pevely, Missouri

Location: Pevely, Missouri, USA Status: Open History: Several years ago, the camp was subject to a terrible storm. One of the girls left to take a shower in one of the facilities about six or seven yards from the tents, and she refused to use the buddy system. Even despite having been told to wait until…

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Location: Valencia, California, USA Founded: 1971 Type: Amusement Park Status: Open History: Six Flags Magic Mountain opened in 1971 in Valencia, California, located just north of Los Angeles. Famous for its terrifying rides, its horrifying haunted history is lesser known. Reports of a child wearing a striped shirt running beneath the ride Colossus have been made. It is…

Camp Cottaquilla

Location: White Plains, Alabama, USA Founded: Unknown Status: Still standing History Camp Cottaquilla is a Girl Scout camp notorious for its ghost of a scout. The spirit of a one-armed Girl Scout has been known to go door-to-door every year during the week of Halloween to sell things. It is unknown if this is true…