Partridge Preschool

The Partridge Preschool was supposedly the site of a four-year-old girl’s murder. Her spirit now rides back and forth on her favorite swing in the playground. When you rattle the doors, she will rattle them back in response. At night, the girl listens music in the room nearest to her swing; it has been known to stop and start on its own, sometimes being played very loudly. Outside in the playground, toys are scattered in her favorite places. Should you move them around and leave, they will return to their original spots.

Clark Middle School

Clark Middle School is believed to be haunted by the spirit of a woman wearing a white dress. Among her haunting activities are playing with the instruments in the band room, appearing in the empty halls during the summer months, and turning classroom lights on and off; she is considered a harmless spirit. A large number of teachers speak of a female ghost that floats through the floors, while others say there is no ghost at all.

Cuba Middle School

The Cuba Middle School’s gym is purportedly haunted by the spirit of a man named Joe Beisly. A former janitor, he fell off of a ladder to his death. His apparition is said to appear if his name is repeated three times.

Southwest Miami High School

The Southwest Miami High School was opened in September 1956 as the Southwest Miami Junior Senior High School. It wasn’t until 1959 that the school converted from a grade 7-10 school to a high school. The auditorium was the site of one confirmed death – a student fell from the catwalk to their death shortly after the school opened.

Among the happenings there are TVs and lights turning on and off by themselves, the disembodied sound of a woman laughing, and objects being moved by an unseen force. In one case, a glass door spontaneously exploded in front of a group of people, leaving many witnesses to the odd occurrences at the auditorium.

Robinson Middle School

Robinson Middle School is haunted by a female entity who roams through the school’s halls at night. During her haunts, she rattles the locks on the lockers.

Rocky Mountain High School

Location: Byron, Wyoming, USA Built: c. 1800s Operation Time: 1800s – Present Type: High School Status: Open History Rocky Mountain High School harbors a rumor that someone hung themselves within the walls of the high school. An apparition can be seen near the school library, and the sound of typing can be heard coming from the typing room. There are sounds…

Dorothy Thomas School of Dance

Location: Topeka, Kansas, USA Built: 1942 Operation Time: 1942 – Present Type: Dance School Status: Open History: The Dorothy Thomas School of Dance has been operated out of the basement of a house since 1942. In 1988, Dorothy Thomas passed away, and the paranormal activity has been going on since. At around 3 AM every morning, the sound of…

Burns High School

Location: Burns, Wyoming, USA Built: Unknown Operation Time: ? – Present Type: University Status: Open History: The Burns High School’s library is haunted by unknown ghosts who shake the walls and shelves, throwing the books to the ground. External Links: Burns High School – Forgotten USA

Arapahoe Middle School

Location: Arapahoe, Wyoming, USA Built: Unknown Operation Time: ? – Present Type: Middle School Status: Open History: Cooks at the Arapahoe Middle School’s cafeteria have been witness to most of the paranormal activity that happens around the area. Items have been thrown around, sounds have been heard coming from the basement, and conversations between invisible people occur…

Heck/Quaw Elementary School

Location: Belgrade, Montana, USA Built: Unknown Operation Time: ? – Present Type: Elementary Status: Open History: Heck/Quaw Elementary School is believed to be haunted by the founder, who allegedly died in the bell tower. Several students have reported seeing his apparition there. External Links: Heck/Quaw Elementary School – Forgotten USA

Hanshew Middle School

Location: Anchorage, Alaska, USA Built: Unknown Operation Time: ? – Present Type: Middle School Status: Open History During the construction of Hanshew Middle School, a little girl was killed by one of the machines. Now she haunts the school by roaming through its halls. She seemingly only comes out during the early morning and late at night….

Saint John’s Catholic School

Location: Fresno, California, USA Built: Unknown Operation Time: ? – Present Type: Religious School (Catholic) Status: Open History: Saint John’s Catholic School’s rectory was haunted by the ghost of Sister Irenita, a nun who died in 1931. For five years following her death, both students and nuns alike saw her spirit every night. Her appearances occurred up…