Mangy Moose Saloon

Since 1980, employees and guests of the Mangy Moose Saloon have been witness to a polite apparition of a tall, thin man with a black mustache who haunts the bar and Room 18. Originally built as an officer’s quarters for Fort Liscomb, the lodge was later relocated to a new foundation in Tonsina during the 1920s.

In the 1950s, the Mangy Moose was run by Bill Ogden, who painted the building pink and operated a casino and bordello there; some believe that Bill is the ghost, as he died at the saloon, while others say it is a man who committed suicide there many years ago.

Birchwood Saloon

Years ago, a young man, shoveling snow atop the roof to the building adjacent to the Birchwood Saloon, came into contact with a power line with the end of his shovel, electrocuting and killing him immediately.

Since then, both bartenders and patrons alike have heard voices, witnessed the jukebox play by itself, seen apparitions, and items moving by themselves. It is believed to be the spirit of the man who had the freak accident long ago.

Chuck’s Steak House

Chuck’s Steak House in Concord, New Hampshire has disembodied voices that come from the dining room and kitchen. The cause of the haunting is unknown, as are the identities of the spirits.

Mom’s Restaurant

Mom’s Restaurant in Marceline, Missouri has had a number of odd reports over the years, including a cold draft, plates being thrown off of shelves, and furniture being tipped over or turned upside down. The apparition of a woman known as “the Lady in White” has been seen as well.

Adolph’s Restaurant

Around the turn of the century, Adolph’s Restaurant was the site of a murder that caused its paranormal activity. Many of the restaurants employees complain about the apparitions that make their appearance at Adolph’s; however, owners refuse to accept the claims as true, even despite all of the encounters. Today, the building is a Chinese restaurant called Fuji Restaurant.

Albuquerque Press Club

The Albuquerque Press Club is haunted by a woman simply known as “Mrs. M”. She appears by the club’s bar, suggesting that she frequently visited the place. Not much is known about this particular haunt.

Pizza Hut in Glendale, Arizona

The Pizza Hut in Glendale, Arizona is haunted by unknown ghosts of infants and children. The sound of babies crying can be heard, along with the conversations of young children. Faucets turn on and off by themselves in the bathroom.

Margarita’s Mexican Restaurant

Formerly a jail, Margarita’s Mexican Restaurant still has cells within its walls. The restaurant’s staff have reported hearing voices and the moving of furniture, plates, and table decorations.

Arby’s in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Somewhere between 1996 and 1997, one of the managers of Arby’s was shot in the parking lot by a fellow employee. Now, there’s a number of strange occurences, including whispering in the lobby, moving things around, and the apparition of a lady that walks from the kitchen to the back door.

Sailor Jack’s

Originally, this building belonged to an old sea captain. Eventually, it became a restaurant known as Captain Blythers, and later Sailor Jack’s. The former owners claimed that alarms would go off with no apparent source, pictures would fall of the walls, and other odd activity. In addition, the Benicia Police have experienced these happenings. Now, the restaurant features a “ghost walk” every other Friday night. One of the walk’s highlights is a ghost named “Carl”, among others.

Mac’s Café

Sometime in 1986 or 1987, a stepfather was kicked out of his home for being extremely abusive. He lived in one of the two apartments located above Mac’s Café. One night, he returned with a shotgun and shot the windows and security door out of the apartments. When he entered the building, his stepson was ready for him and returned fire with his own gun at point-bank. He shot his stepfather in the neck and nearly decapitated him.

Libby’s Steakhouse

The basement of Libby’s Steakhouse is haunted by the ghost of a little girl. Some records show that there has only been one sighting of the girl, which was merely a glimpse. Those who have claimed to see her say that if you leave the basement door open, a stack of soup bowls will fall over for no apparent reason. The basement stairs have given off a feeling of uneasiness and people have tripped over them many times on their way up. The girl is believed to have died of a drug overdose since the building used to be the Hoch Drug Store.