Dale Apartments

Tenants of the Dale Apartments have reported witnessing shadowy apparitions, disembodied noises and screaming, and doors slamming mysteriously. There is no known cause for the haunting, as no spirits have been identified.

The Sallie House

The Sallie House has been deemed the most haunted house in Kansas, sporting nine confirmed spirits (the most famous being the ghost of a little girl named Sallie). Male visitors have been maliciously scratched by an unseen ghost. Several EVPs and full-body apparitions have been witnessed and collected from the house. The owner (who lives in Atchison) lets paranormal investigation groups into the house as long as they have made an appointment.

The Vaille Mansion

The Vaille Mansion used to be an insane asylum prior to its use as a residence. Several years ago, Mrs. Vaille committed suicide by overdosing on morphine shortly after her husband, Mr. Vaille, lost his sanity and died. In the upper part of the mansion (which is closed off to the public), the ghost of Mrs. Vaille lingers around.

Undisclosed Private Residence 2 (Seen on Paranormal Witness)

In 1988, 23-year old Jackie Hernandez was starting a new life. She had a son and was pregnant with a daughter, but problems in her marriage caused her to divorce and go off on her own. Jackie found what looked like a perfect place to live with her children.

The Piano House

During the late 19th century, a family was digging a well together near the Piano House in Hiawatha Kansas. After the well was completed a pregnant woman accidentally fell into the well. Although all of the men tried to save her, she couldn’t be rescued and she died.

Bond Street Mansion

The Bond Street Mansion was built sometime during the 18th or 19th century. The family cemetery is located directly across the road from the massive estate. During the 1800s, a little boy was living with his parents in the mansion. One night, the candle at his bedside was blown out by a draft in the middle of the night, which caused him to die of fright. He is buried in one of the cemetery’s tombs.

Lizzie Borden’s Lawyer’s House

This house belonged to Lizzie Borden’s lawyer during the time of the murders of Mr. and Mrs. Borden. In 1995, a family bought the house and moved in, unaware that it was haunted. Doors would mysteriously open and close, there were odd noises, and the family dog barked at a door that the family had never opened. A month later, the family moved out.

House Off Highway 431

The area off of Highway 431 is believed to be haunted by one of the first owners of the section. He was killed while plowing his garden with a tractor that overturned onto him, goring him. It was not long after that the man’s wife began to hear banging noises through out the house, which she later sold.

Oak Alley Plantation

The plantation, which was originally named Bon Séjour Plantation (meaning “good living”), was built to grow sugar cane. The mansion that stands today was built by slaves under the command of George Swainy between 1837 and 1839 for Jacques Telesphore Roman.

Roff Family Homestead (The Watseka Wonder)

In July, 1865, the Roff family purchased the property that would become most associated with the Watseka Wonder story. It was during that same month that Mary Roff (the daughter of Asa Roff) died. Years later in July, 1877, the Vennum family lived in the house next to the Roff’s, and the paranormal activity began.

Kukelhan Mansion

In November 1907, the couple was on their way to visit some friends in New Haven, Indiana when tragedy struck. While passing through the small village of Maples, Indiana, they were killed when their buggy was hit by a Pennsylvania Railroad train. Following their untimely demise, the children continued to reside on the property, leaving their daughter, the eldest child, to raise her brothers.

Nathaniel Greene Homestead

The Nathaniel Greene Homestead in Coventry, Rhode Island has had reported cold spots, disembodied footsteps, and the slamming of doors. The sounds of screaming and cannons firing have been heard as well.