Beach at Bethany

Bethany Beach is haunted by a ragged-looking military spirit in tattered clothing that roams along a stretch of the shore. Though uncertain, it is believed that the ghost is Eddie “Fast Eddie” Rickenbacker (b. October 8th, 1890), an Air Force/Army hero from World War I who died of pneumonia in Switzerland on July 23rd, 1973.

Arkansas River (Pueblo, Colorado)

The Arkansas River in Pueblo, Colorado has been the site of a number of deaths. In more recent years, several Native American burial sites have been discovered along the banks of the river. Those who walk along the adjacent Pueblo Nature Trail have reported feelings of unease and the constant sensation of being watched or followed.

Daveli’s Cave

Daveli’s Cave is surrounded by reports of paranormal, dating back to Ancient Greece. At that time, however, the phenomenon was recorded as being “Acts of the Gods”. The activity there includes UFOs, strange creatures, and spirits, most likely due to the high electromagnetic fields surrounding the area. The happenings are less frequent now.

Mill Creek

Location: Yucaipa, California, USA Discovered: Unknown Type: Creek Status: Still standing History Mill Creek is haunted by the spirit of a young man named Anthony Garcia. One day, he was out walking his dogs, and one of them turned on him. Dragging him in the water by the neck, Anthony screamed out the name of his lover,…

Houston Lake

Location: Kansas City, Missouri, USA Discovered: Unknown Type: Lake Status: Still standing History: Houston Lake is haunted by unknown spirits. The beach gives off the sensation of being watched. External Links: Houston Lake – Forgotten USA

Sanders Valley

Location: Garwood, Missouri, USA Discovered: Unknown Type: Valley Status: Still standing History: Sanders Valley was the site of a barn belonging to a family during the Civil War. While the war was going on, a group of Union soldiers killed the family living on the farm because they were southern sympathizers. The story goes that the women…

Hawks Landing Creek

Location: Clay Center, Kansas, USA Discovered: Unknown Type: Creek Status: Still standing History: Hawks Landing Creek has been the site of many deaths. The sound of little girls screaming can be heard off in the distance. A black shape shifter has been sighted, and the place gives off an oppressing feeling. External Links: Hawks Landing…

Nature’s Hallway

Location: Arkansas City, Kansas, USA Discovered: Unknown Type: Nature Status: Still standing History: Nature’s Hallway (sometimes called “Sleepy Hollow”) is located five miles down a dirt road in Arkansas City, Kansas. Activity includes strange lights and an overbearing feeling like you are unwanted in the area. External Links: Nature’s Hallway – Forgotten USA

Arkansas River

Location: Great Bend, Kansas, USA Discovered: Unknown Type: River Status: Still standing History: The Arkansas River in Great Bend, Kansas is believed to be haunted by the spirit of woman. It is believed that if you visit the shores of the river between 2:30 AM and 3:30 AM, you can hear the screams of children and an…

Haunted Hill in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA Discovered: Unknown Type: Hill Status: Still standing History: The hill known as “Haunted Hill” is found just at the end of Menaul’s foothills. The sound of screaming, bodies being dragged around, and footsteps can be heard there. An apparition of an old man coming after you has been known to chase after those who…

Dracut State Forest

Location: Lowell, Massachusetts Discovered: Unknown Type: Forest Status: Still standing History: Dracut State Forest is haunted by ghosts who linger in the woods and tend to appear during Cutter Farm’s horseback trail rides. One of the spirits is a Native American man from the reservation who walks along the trails from sunset into the night. The sounds…

The Devil’s Tree

Location: Bernards Township, New Jersey, USA Discovered: Unknown Type: Tree Status: Still standing The Devil’s Tree in Bernards Township, New Jersey is home to several sinister legends regarding death. Years ago, a farmer killed his entire family, then committed suicide via hanging from the tree. Many suicides and murders have occurred near the tree. According to legend, anyone who attempts…