Fort Lesley J. McNair

Fort Lesley McNair is haunted by the ghost of Mary Surratt, who has been seen floating across the fort’s courtyard. Surratt was accused of being a conspirator in President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, and she was hung at the nearby Arsenal Penitentiary with three other accused people in July, 1865.

Fort Saulsbury

Built in 1917, Fort Saulsbury was used during World War I as a last-resort defense against the German army should they invade. When World War II came around, the fort was used as a POW camp. In 1946, Fort Saulsbury was abandoned, never to be used again. Now, the spirits of the prisoners still linger in the cell blocks.

Sakanet el Jeish el Adime

Sakanet el Jeish el Admime is an old military building located in Zahle, Lebanon that was used to train soldiers fighting in the Lebanon Civil War. One night, Lebanese soldiers ran outside because they were disrupted by the sound of screaming. On other occasions, all of their material was found floating and thrown out of the building. Even despite that the building is now defunct, those who go there have reported hearing noises and being pushed down the stair cases.

Fort Riley

Fort Riley is located in Manhattan Kansas, and is plagued with paranormal activity in various parts of the fort. In the main post, there have been reports of an apparition of an old nurse or caretaker walking through the area. Her name and back story are unknown to this day.

Lalbagh Fort

One of the residents of Lalbagh Fort reported seeing  man with a horse’s head and feet inside of an outhouse one night. Other people have claimed to see ghostly people praying in the mosque at 3:00 AM, which is especially odd considering prayer time was at 5:00 AM. One man rushed to join the group, only to have them vanish before his eyes.

Naval Station in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

The ghost of sailors have been seen standing on the pier watching the sea. Many of the living people who visit the pier have heard someone walking on it, despite no one else is physically there. Whenever the watch would yell “stop walking on the pier”, all sounds of walking would cease almost instantly.


Dahshour is where the Egyptian military trains. Soldiers there for the 45-day training say that the sounds of guns and people screaming can be heard late at night. From the balcony, a ghostly army can be seen walking and doing exercises. The cause of the haunting is unknown.

John McCrae Bunker

During World War I, bunkers were used to heal soldiers who had been injured during combat. The John McCrae Bunker is famous for its abundant haunts.

Fort Delaware

Now a state park, Fort Delaware served as a prison for Confederate soldiers during the Civil War. Workers and tourists alike have seen ghosts, felt cold spots, and heard disembodied voices. The ghost of a Civil War soldier has been reported watching groups of tourists from the upper ramparts. The fort, which is located on an island, also has a cemetery for soldiers who died of typhus and malaria, which is supposedly haunted as well.

Hickam Air Force Base

On December 7th, 1941, the Imperial Japanese Navy bombed Navy Base Pearl Harbor (now Hickam Field, formerly and most commonly known as Hickam Air Force Base) to prevent any future attacks on Japan. The bombing led to extreme amounts of damage, aircraft destruction, 189 people killed, and 303 injured. Now, the base is said to be haunted by the 189 lingering souls.

U.S. Naval Academy

On October 13th, 1907 at 1:30 AM, a group of naval officers claimed that Lt. James Sutton went insane and shot himself in front of the other officers. The very same day, Sutton’s ghost began to appear to his mother and sister, who lived in Portland, Oregon, and did not know of his death yet.