Goat Man’s Grave

A cemetery in Rolla, Missouri is said to be haunted by a man who has been nicknamed “Goat Man” due to his goat-like appearance. Policemen have witnessed his apparition appearing out of nowhere, then disappearing. The story of the man is unknown.

Brownsville Cemetery

Brownsville Cemetery, which is also known as “Bloody Hill”, is known to have an evil spirit of a man who was killed in a violent struggle. He was dating the daughter of a wealthy man, and it was discovered she was using him. She claimed that he beat her, and her father ordered that he be killed.

Alma Cemetery

The Alma Cemetery, located in Alma, Kansas, is haunted by the spirit of an evil man. During the 1800s, a mean old farmer owned the land that the cemetery is now located on. Since the town of Alma was being built at this time, the officials tried to get the farmer off of the land so they could use it as the cemetery. However, the man refused to sell it because it was his.

Dyer Cemetery

During the 1800s, three women were condemned for being witches were killed and buried in Dyer Cemetery. Now haunted, you can hear voices, be touched or grabbed with no source, and see odd lights. Many witnesses have said that spirits have touched their hands, faces, and arms with what felt like broom straw, all beneath the cedar tree at the main gate.

McConnico Cemetery

In the fall, 1865, Captain Charles Locklin and his wife witnessed a strange paranormal phenomena. The Locklins were inside of their carriage early one morning and they saw six Union soldiers on horseback pass on either side of them. Each soldier had white gloves on their hands, which crossed on the pommel of the saddle. They also had bandages wrapped around their heads.

Oak Grove Cemetery

Visitors of Oak Grove Cemetery have reported seeing lights and hearing screaming coming from the Borden family plot. Many have felt bad feelings in the area as well. The cemetery was built in 1855, and added to the National Register of Historic Places on February 16th, 1983.

Myrtle Grove Cemetery

The oldest graves in Myrtle Grove Cemetery date as far back as the mid-1800s. Occurences have include the apparitions of people walking through the cemetery, dark emotional feelings, and odd sounds. Paranormal activities also occur within the surrounding homes.

Hebron Lane Cemetery

It is said that on moonlit nights, you can see the “ghost of Hebron Lane”, an elderly woman who walks through the cemetery carrying a lantern. She is seen wearing a long dress, an apron, and a scarf on her head. The story goes that she holds her lantern high, looking in the trees for her lost cat. The woman appears most often during Halloween and the fall months.

Eastern Cemetery

The Eastern Cemetery has graves from as early as the 18th century. However, the site is in terrible condition due to neglect and vandalism. It is believed that the spirits of the dead have risen back due to the lack of care and respect for the cemetery. According to legend, there is a ghost of a woman who takes care of the dead babies that were buried in their own section in the back.

Cherokee Cemetery

The Cherokee Cemetery has had several reports of flashing lights emanating from it. The sound of a man screaming can be heard. On many accounts, people have said they were chased by an unseen entity.

Cave Hill

Visitors of Cave Hill have witnessed strange green orb-shaped lights floating around the cemetery. Odd noises have been heard in the area as well, and many gravestones have been seen mysteriously falling down as if some unseen force was pushing them. It is said that if you stand by the black gate, you can hear bizarre noises from miles away.

Jeruk Purut Cemetery

The Jeruk Purut Cemetery, located in Jakarta, Indonesia, was expanded onto wakaf land (land donated for religious purposes) in the mid-2000s. By 2007, there was an average of 300 burials per month, and it was one of the few cemeteries in Jakarta that was capable of expanding.