Later River City Lighting

Later River City Lighting was owned by two men, one of which killed the other in the showroom. However, the accused killer was never found to be guilty. The business’ manager from 1979 to 1981 would often visit the showroom when he was alone. Footsteps could be heard both there and the warehouse. Those who visit have heard the murdered man at various times.

Country Mart

Years ago, the Country Mart’s parking lot was the site of a little girl’s murder. Ever since it happened, workers in the later hours have complained of hearing strange noises and seeing the apparition of the little girl. Not much is known about the building otherwise.

Bessie Gym

During the 19th or early 20th century, the Bessie Gym was used as a morgue. It is believed to be haunted by the old caretaker, who has been seen wearing a long black trench coat, a top hat, and a long, brown beard. There have also been a number of cold spots in the building.

The Christmas Store in Disneyland

The stock crew at the Christmas Store in Disneyland has reported having extremely weird feelings and overall uneasiness when they are alone in the store. There is a photograph of a woman from the 19th century with a straight face, but many people who have seen her say that she has frowned at them.

Smokey Hill 7-11

The Smokey Hill 7-11 located in Aurora, Colorado was built atop the site of an old Native American Reservation. Most of its activity takes place between midnight and 3:00 AM for unknown reasons. Items have been seen flying off the shelves as if they have been thrown, even when no one is in the store (security cameras have filmed this happening).

Wal-Mart in Muskegon, Michigan

The Wal-Mart located in Muskegon, Michigan has seen two deaths in its time. One involved a man committing suicide via hanging, and the other was a man who accidentally drove into the shipping docks since the thick fog blocked all traffic signals. Now, items are thrown off shelves too far to have simply fallen. Play balls have been bounced up and down as if they were being dribbled by some unseen entity. Odd bells have been reported to ring within the store.

Auto Zone Off 157

The Auto Zone off of the 157 was built over a cemetery. Photos that have been taken here have featured the apparition of an early 20th century soldier in the background. One time, a picture of him was captured that featured him covering his face.

Old Town Tatu

Old Town Tatu, a tattoo parlor in Chicago, Illinois, is said to be one of the most haunted places in the United States. Founder Rich “Tapeworm” Herrerra once instigated a fight with the ghosts that were believed to haunt the parlor, and he challenged them to a fight to the death. Herrerra died just three weeks later in the building.

The building used to be the Klemundt Funeral Parlor in the 1920s (some records say it was the funeral parlor in the 1880s). The ghosts of the bodies who came through the funeral parlor as well as Herrerra are known to haunt Old Town Tatu. Herrerra’s friends have reported feeling his presence.

Blockbuster in Anniston, Alabama

During the late 1960s, when the site was a gas station, a woman was raped and murdered on the location. Her body was found on the right side of the station. For a while, the killer remained unknown until he was connected to other murders. He died in prison while serving a life sentence.

Eventually, the station was turned into a Blockbuster video store. One day, it was robbed, and two of the employees and two customers, brothers, were killed. The murderer was caught, but the Blockbuster was shut down as a result. In June 2008, the building was partially demolished and remodelled, becoming a small doctors’ office. The families of the murdered men often visit the site, leaving four crosses as memorials to them.