Dimond Center

The Dimond Center was built atop a several thousand-year-old sacred burial ground used by Native Alaskans. During the construction, workers digging in the ground discovered a few of the original graves, but continued working due to the age and size of the resting places. Today, the spirits of the natives, whose graves were desecrated, appear in front of lone people in the restrooms as well as the smaller hallways.

Barber Shop in Silver Lake, Kansas

The barber shop in Silver Lake, Kansas is rumored to be the site of a murder, but the case has never been solved. One day, a customer was “accidentally” killed while getting a shave. His apparition is seen in the shop to this day.

True Value Hardware Store

A former owner of the True Value Hardware Store, Bernice Worden, was serial killer Ed Gein’s last victim. The Butcher of Plainfield, as he was nicknamed, had gone into the store they day before she was murdered. Now, her apparition has been seen within the store, holding onto order forms, and saying something about the anti-freeze – the item that Gein had gone in the store to get.

The Turner and Stevens Mortuary

The Turner and Stevens Mortuary is haunted by the spirits of a mean elderly woman, the little boy she is after, and the man protecting the boy. Activity includes slamming doors, books flying across rooms, and disembodied footsteps. Sometimes, when people walk by the mirrors in the hallway, the apparition of the woman or the man appear in the reflection, only to disappear.

C&H Lanes

The C&H Lanes in Chanute, Kansas served as the home of a freak accident several years ago. One woman went bowling, and her fingers got stuck in the ball as she rolled the ball. With such momentum in her arm, it swung up and hit her skull. She died of her injuries. Now, the lanes are haunted by the woman. Footsteps, the women’s bathroom door shudders, and bowling pins will knock down on their own. Lights have been known to flicker when she is mad.

Slaughterhouse in Danvers, Massachusetts

The slaughterhouse in Danvers, Massachusetts is haunted by the spirit of a woman. At around 2 AM one morning, a group of friends decided to investigate the building. Inside, they filmed shadows, the apparition of a woman with long hair wearing a torn dress, and sounds of female laughter. The woman’s identity remains unknown.

K-Mart in Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania

The K-Mart in Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania is haunted by an unidentified female spirit. Two overnight employees, each in a different portion of the store, witnessed the apparition of a woman donning a long white dress. One time, the woman called out the name “David” twice, which was the name of one of the employees. On numerous occasions, products have been thrown to the ground when no one was in the area. Additionally, previously folded clothes have been found in heaps and magnetic signs have fallen from the ceiling.

Bailey Furniture Store

Before it was used as a furniture store, the Bailey Furniture Store was used as a supermarket. The owner of the market was murdered, and the killer was never found. Now, he still haunts the store, and he will break furniture for no reason. Unusual sounds have been heard coming from his old office in the back.


Jarquin is a small store in Mietchulan, Oaxaca, Mexico that is haunted by its former owner. He is known to walk in and out of the building, and he has been notorious for pushing customers out of the store.

Henrion Gymnasium

During the 1950s, a maintenance worker was accidentally electrocuted and died after he touched a live wire without his hard hat on. Now, he is seen at night or in the early morning. The Henrion Gymnasium has since been changed into a sculpture and ceramics department.

The Little Karaoke Place

In 1999, the Korean owner of The Little Karaoke Place was murdered by a group of Chinese weightlifters. Now, the owner’s spirit can be seen peeking out of the window.

Wal-Mart Super Center in Chanute, Kansas

In 1978, the Wal-Mart in Chanute, Kansas was upgraded into a Super Center, which caused one man to try to protest it in anger. He died in the parking lot for unknown reasons. Now, he haunts the store, and is known to hang around the children’s aisle, where he often plays with the toys when he is happy. If, however, he’s angry, he gives off cold air and shuts down the power on Halloween. It is believed that only children can see him, and those who follow him don’t come back.