Cry Baby Bridge

When a woman thought her two children were possessed by the devil, she drove them to Cry Baby Bridge to kill them. She drove over the bridge, killing both she and her kids. Witnesses report that if you park your car atop the bridge, roll down your windows, and honk three times, children’s voices can be heard yelling “Don’t do it, mother!”

Third Bridge

The Third Bridge is said to have been the site of a massacre of Native Americans that resulted in several deaths. Because of this, the sound of war drums can be heard growing louder and louder as visitors sit on the bridge. Another apparition said to appear along the bridge is a ghost horse rider, who rides on the bridge.

In June 1997, a group of fifteen teenagers and one pre-teen spread between two cars decided to see the paranormal activity at the bridge for themselves. The first vehicle lost control at the top of the hill and crashed into the guardrail. After witnessing the accident, the driver of the second car made a desperate attempt to break but instead hit the gas pedal. They were forced into a tree, smashing the vehicle. The aftermath of the accident left two teens dead and the driver of the first car with permanent crippling injuries.

Third Bridge is haunted by both the dead teenagers and Native American victims.

The Hanger/Bridge

About a mile west of the city of Douglass, Kansas out in the woods, there is a small, old bridge that goes over  a creek. Near to it is an equally old tree on the northern side of the bridge. During the 19th century, the tree was used for hanging African-Americans in the Douglass-Rose Hill area, particularly those who disobeyed their masters.

Jesters Creek/Theorosas Bridge

Theorosas Bridge, located only a short distance away from Wichita, has been a spot of interest for ghost hunters to almost 150 years. It is haunted by the restless spirit of a mother in search of her murdered baby. Other spirits of unknown people continue to haunt the bridge that runs of Jesters Creek, as there have been several deaths in the area.

The Union Covered Bridge

It is said that during the mid-1800s, a young boy fell off the Union Covered Bridge and drowned in the river below. Now, at night, the apparition of the boy can be seen, and he tries to touch anyone who walks across the bridge. The identity of the child remains a mystery.

Coon Creek Bridge

The Coon Creek Bridge is haunted by the ghost of a young girl who has been seen wandering through the woods east of the bridge. There are no known incidents involving the death of anyone on or near the bridge, making the girl’s apparition’s purpose unknown. Most of her sightings are reported shortly before sunrise.

Puttygut Bridge

Puttygut Bridge was the site of a fatal accident several years ago. A man was driving his truck drunk drove off the bridge, which was flooded at the time. The man and his truck were never found.

Jembatan Ancol Bridge

A young woman was raped and killed on the Jembatan Ancol Bridge. People in the area have reported seeing her apparition at night, most likely as a result of her not being able to cross over.

Bird Bridge

Bird Bridge is a single-lane bridge south of Emporia, Kansas. A preacher and his mistress drugged his wife and pushed her car into the cold river below. Now, her apparition can be seen walking along the shore, and her bloodcurdling screams can be heard.

Matt’s Bridge

It is believed that if you drive onto Matt’s Bridge and you park it/shut it off in the middle of the bridge, you will be pushed by the ghosts of those who have died on the bridge or near it. Those who have experienced this have reported seeing things and hearing things outside of the car. Once you leave the road, you will notice that there are handprints are all over your car (some of them may be yours).

Atalla Wood Bridge

Legend has it that a bus full of kids fell off the Atalla Wood Bridge, and were either killed from the impact or drowned. People have said that if you go to the bridge at night, and put only the front wheels of your car on the right side of the bridge after putting it in neutral, the ghosts of the children in the accident will push your car across so you don’t suffer their same fate.

A similar phenomenon was on an episode of SyFy Channel’s Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files that took place in San Antonio, Texas. The “pushing” turned out to be just a downhill road. Since people reported seeing handprints in baby powder (they put it on their car after the car had been “pushed”), it was proven that the powder simply picked up the oils from the owner’s hands, as they did not appear when the car was washed first.

Bridge in Refuge

The bridge in Refuge, Alabama is a one-lane crossing that is considered to be in the “middle of nowhere”. If visited at night, odd sounds can be heard and strange light orbs can be seen. People have reported that when you get out of your car, you’ll be chased by a dark entity and feel an evil presence.