Atlas F Missile Silo (12/12)

A total of twelve Atlas F Missile Silos were built and then abandoned mysteriously years later. These silos were assigned to the 550th SMS at Schilling Air Force Base in Salina, Kansas. This particular silo, located in Minneapolis, Kansas, is number twelve.

Pratt Greenhouse

The Pratt Greenhouse was abandoned shortly after a fire that damaged part of it. The 204-acre estate used to belong to Harold Irving Pratt, who was the son of the oil magnate and philanthropist Charles Pratt. On the property, the estate includes a Georgian-style mansion, a former recreational building that is currently being used by the Nassau County Holocaust Committee, and several other small service buildings.

Manicomio Montedale

The Manicomio Montedale (an alias to protect the real location translating to ‘Asylum Montedale’) was built in 1907 as an Italian insane asylum. The government purchased 100 acres of land to build the hospital, which was going to be used to relieve the intense overcrowding at the small, local asylum. Despite being opened in 1910, most of the buildings were built during the 1930s.

Abandoned Building in Alexandria, Egypt

In Alexandria, Egypt, it is believed that this abandoned and haunted building was built above the Holy Qura’an. It is also said that there was a police officer who was burned in the building. A number of stories surround the place, but it is unknown how many of them are true.