America’s Most Haunted: Delaware


PRICE: $2.99
LENGTH: 181 pages
PUBLISH DATE: January 5th, 2016


Every state has haunted places – Delaware is no exception. In America’s Most Haunted: Delaware, you’ll discover sixty stories rich with the history of our 1st state. You’ll learn about:

Fiddler’s Hall: Two men courting the same woman take things to the extreme, and one of them pays a fatal price…

Cypress Swamp Conservation Area: The swamp harboring both spirits and a mysterious ape creature with a taste for blood…

Fort Delaware: The fort used as a POW camp for Confederate soldiers during the Civil War who continue to serve their time to this day…

Dover Public Library: A woman commits suicide after being sentenced to death, and her severed head is stored in a hatbox in the library…

And many more!