America’s Most Haunted: Alaska


PRICE: $2.99
LENGTH: 184 pages
PUBLISH DATE: June 23rd, 2015


Every state has haunted places – Alaska is no exception. In America’s Most Haunted: Alaska, you’ll discover sixty-seven stories rich with the history of our 49th state. You’ll learn about:

Badarka Road: A little girl that is injured in a freak accident and dies in her father’s arms…and returns as an apparition with him…

Clark Middle School: The woman in white who lingers around playing instruments in the band room…

Ketchikan High School: The ghost of “Boochie”, who wanders the school, crying and moaning, having died from a fall from the auditorium’s catwalks…

Rookies Corner: A woman who is run over by a car while drunk…as horrified onlookers in the bar watch. Now, she sticks around to warn other intoxicated visitors of the area…

And many more!