America’s Most Haunted: Alaska


Every state has haunted places – Alaska is no exception. In America’s Most Haunted: Alaska, you’ll discover thirty stories rich with the history of our 49th state.

True stories in this book include:

Clark Middle School: The woman in white who lingers around playing instruments in the band room…

South Birchwood: A little girl is part of a freak accident and dies in her father’s arms…and returns as an apparition with her father…

Ketchikan High School: After falling from the auditorium’s catwalks, the ghost of “Boochie” wanders the school, crying and moaning…

Rookies Corner: A woman is run over by a car while drunk…as patrons of the bar watch the horrific scene. Now, she sticks around to warn other intoxicated visitors of the area…

And many more!

This book will excite, terrify, and leave you shaking with its true stories from all across Alaska!
* 30 true stories of haunts in Alaska

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The Dictionary of Grave Markers and Their Meanings: A Guide to Funerary Art



Cemeteries feature several different types of grave marker designs and symbols, each bearing some meaning in regards to the life of the deceased buried below the tombstone. This dictionary features more than 100 different symbols and their definitions, as well as a bonus meanings guide that has the definitions along with what symbols correspond with them.


* More than 100 symbols with definitions

* Bonus: Meanings guide

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The History of Waverly Hills Sanatorium: The True Story Behind the World’s Most Haunted Location

The History of


Have you ever wanted to learn more about the history of Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky? Widely regarded as the world’s most haunted location, Waverly Hills served as a tuberculosis hospital for fifty one years before it became obsolete with the creation of antibiotic treatments and closed; during its operation, however, there were many cases of disease, suicide, and murder.

In this book, you will dive deep into the realms of the unknown as we explore the dark past of the hospital, “the Death Tunnel”, and the mysterious Room #502.

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Haunted Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Haunted Waverly Hills 3


Imagine what it would be like to be sick, taken away from your home and forced to into isolation from everyone one and everything that you have ever known or loved. You are so sick that your odds of survival are very slim; if the illness doesn’t kill you, the treatment probably will.

That’s the true story of the thousands of patients that were treated at Waverly Hills Sanatorium, as well as the unfortunate doctors and nurses who contracted the debilitating illness.

Hey parents! This book is great for kids!

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