What is Demonic Possession?

What is demonic possession?

Posted December 13th, 2015

When you become possessed by a demonic or evil entity, odds are, you won’t even notice it. The spirit slowly gains control of both your mind and body, the possession only getting stronger. Spirits of this nature want to hurt and destroy you. They’ll give you nightmares, confuse your mind, give you suicidal thoughts, and irrational feelings of fear and hate.

If you should have any of these symptoms, you’ve been tricked by the spirit.

This article mostly applies to possession resulting from the use of a Ouija Board or similar channeling game.

The Basics

  • In general, “possession” is not total possession, as the person maintains a majority of the control. They can usually function in life, but it is a large amount of work to maintain normalcy.
  • The spirit makes it hard for the person to think in order to gain their attention. They put up a facade of being friendly/protective until the person asks them to leave permanently, hence agitating the spirit and allowing it to show their true evil selves.
  • There are three basic stages of possession:
    • Parial influence
    • Partial possession
    • Total possession

Types of Possession & Their Symptoms

Partial Influence

  • They spend most of their free time channeling the spirits
  • Their behavior and social contacts are under the control and influence of the spirit
  • Friends and family begin to notice that their behavior is getting strange
  • They isolate themselves from friends and family to spend more time with the spirit

Partial Possession

  • Partial control over the mind, speech, and some body parts
  • The person’s dreams turn into intense nightmares
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Constant headaches
  • Hate, fear, and negative emotions are intensified
  • The person may start talking to the spirit out loud, which friends and family may mistake for talking to his or herself
  • The person hears the voice of the spirit and confuses their normal thinking patterns, hence hindering their ability to concentrate in school, work, and daily life activities
  • They begin to believe that the spirit’s control cannot be stopped
  • They want more isolation from friends and family
  • There are frequent uncontrolled thoughts of suicide
  • Should they lose control for a moment, the person has faster-than-normal movements of the head, arms, and fingers
  • In a social situation, they will speak out of turn, and what is said does not have relevance to the current conversation
  • The person expresses agitation through swearing and profanity

Total Possession

  • The person is unable to function in life
  • The doctor may diagnose the person as mentally insane
  • They may need to be institutionalized
  • They are likely to commit suicide


This article was taken from Ghostly World’s book GHOST HUNTING 101.