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Welcome to Ghostly World, the one-stop website for haunted locations, abandonments, and ghost towns!

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Our History

Ghostly World was founded on August 7th, 2012 as a site dedicated to all things haunted. Initially, we were going to be a database for haunted places, news about the paranormal, and articles. Little did we know it that Ghostly World would soon become a massive compilation of haunts, ghosts, abandonments, and ghost towns. Now, we’re a notable resource for information – we’re even in the bibliography of Haunted Big Bend Florida!

With close to 160,000 views and growing, Ghostly World is on its way to becoming the largest haunted place database on the web!

Our Goal

We strive to deliver you the most accurate information possible to our readers. Every post is revised and revised again to ensure you that what you are reading is the correct history. There are only a few sites quite like ours, and they are filled with typographical, grammatical, and historical errors that make it hard to read. Here at Ghostly World, we’re proud to bring you clean, organized, and grammatically correct content.

All of our posts feature unbiased and factual information – you won’t find opinions here. You can even share your personal paranormal experience here, judgment free. Most of all, we’re not here to make you believe in ghosts – we’re here to let you decide.

Who We Are

We’re not a paranormal team. While we believe that ghosts are real, we prefer to be critical thinkers; we don’t necessarily believe every location noted as being haunted actually is.

However, we post them all so you, the reader, can make a decision for yourself on whether or not it is haunted. In the end, it’s your call.

New to Ghostly World?

No problem! Ghostly World is an easy-to-use database focused on bringing you to the right information every time. You can find whatever you want by navigation pages and search bars. Whether you are a table browser, a list looker, or a freeform searcher, you’ve got the navigational tools to get you to where you want to be.

More of Ghostly World

Ghostly World can be found all around the web. On Blogger, Our Ghostly World is your travel guide to the darker side, with information for your next paranormal vacation. You can find photos of the paranormal, haunted locations, abandoned buildings, and ghost towns on Our Ghostly World @ Tumblr. For an informative site, you can explore the Ghostly World Wiki. You can check out all of our videos on our YouTube channel. If you prefer social networking to blogs and websites, check us out on Google + and Facebook. You can email us anytime at ghostlyworldblog@gmail.com.

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