Hope Hill Cemetery (The Dollhouse Grave)

Hope Hill Cemetery (The Dollhouse Grave)

Medina, Tennessee

BUILT: Unknown
STATUS: Still standing


Hope Hill Cemetery, located between Milan and Medina in Gibson County, Tennessee, is home to the spirit of a young girl who passed away in 1931. The story of her death has long been surrounded by controversy and dubiousness. According to some sources, the five-year-old Dorothy Marie Harvey was said to have died from natural causes, while others offer a much more sinister tale of her being raped and then beaten to death by her uncle. Another version states she was killed by a piano that a mover dropped. No definitive answer has been accepted as of yet. In any case, her family built a dollhouse over her grave after she was buried to commemorate her fondness for such toys. The original has had to be rebuilt several times due to vandalism; it is now maintained by family members.

Once the sun sets, her spirit can be seen playing with and talking to her dolls. Legend has it that if you step away from the dollhouse and look into one of its windows, you can see her peering back at you. It should be noted that the cemetery closes after 6 PM, and trespassing is strictly prohibited.


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