Road in Live Oak, Florida

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Location: Live Oak, Florida, USA
Built: Unknown
Type: Road
Status: Open


Stephanie Tasker, her daughter Misty, and a Pakistani exchange student named Moni were driving back from church one Sunday when Misty noticed that a little girl was sitting on the roadside. She felt something was not right. Stephanie then turned the car around to see if the girl needed any help; it turned out that she was actually a teenager, sitting with her knees curled up and rocking back and forth.

After driving a short distance past her and turning back around, they found that the girl had disappeared, leaving Misty feeling unsettled. Because of this, Stephanie thought that the girl walked off into the woods.

They continued to drive down the road for another couple of miles. Misty then spotted the girl, appearing in the headlights in the car. Because it would be impossible for a person to move that far that quickly and without being seen, she began to freak out, and she feet sick to her stomach and wanted to go home. However, Stephanie insisted that they check to see that the girl was OK and didn’t need help.

Since she still believed something was very wrong, Misty went down to the floor of the car and assumed the fetal position. Stephanie then rolled down her window and asked if the girl needed any help. When she turned around to face them, they were horrified to see that the girl’s face was hollow and nothing was there.

Stephanie, usually a very cautious driver, sped off down the road and got home in ten minutes. There, she called 911, and reported that there was a girl on the side of the road possibly needing assistance (rather than explaining that there was a girl with a hollow face). When police arrived on the road, they found nothing.

Through her own investigation, Misty discovered that a girl from her school had died in a car crash where they had spotted the girl without a face.



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