Undisclosed Private Residence 4 (Seen on Paranormal Witness)

Baltimore, Maryland

BUILT: Unknown
STATUS: Still standing


Laurel and Brian Poremski bought a house in Baltimore, Maryland that was considerably cheaper than they expected it to be. Their daughter, a bright five-year-old named Isabella, began to talk to what her parents believed was an imaginary fright. She would talk to “Emily” as if she were sitting beside her, and Brian and Laurel thought things were normal.

However, Emily began to break the boundaries of being an imaginary friend, and broke a porcelain statue. Isabella explained that her friend didn’t want Laurel there. Even though there were no lights to produce them, shadows would appear in the hallway mysteriously. One day, Isabella came to her mother, frightened, to tell her that Emily’s mother had hurt her friend in the bathtub, causing Laurel to believe that her daughter needed medical help.

On a pleasant day, the Poremskis went out on a family trip free of any mentions of Emily. When they returned home, they found about twenty of their family photos off of the wall and piled on the living room floor. A white face peered in at them from the window, and all three of them saw it.

While Isabella was visiting her grandmother for the weekend, Laurel and Brian worked on redecorating her room. Upon her return, she goes into her remodeled room. When Laurel comes to take a look, she finds that all of the new furniture has been tossed about as if it was weightless, proving that Isabella could not have been responsible.

Later on, during bath time, Isabella confessed to her grandmother that Emily had told her to “go out the window”. Concerned for the safety of his daughter, Brian screwed the windows on the second floor shut. After Emily dragged Isabella down the steps to the basement, the Poremskis were forced to call a psychic medium to get rid of the malevolent spirit.

When the medium arrived, she began singing “Mary Had a Little Lamb” – a song in which Isabella had mysteriously learned a few weeks ago. She then told the Poremskis to take all of the Bibles out of the house. Brian and Laurel removed both, but she insisted that there was one more. After rummaging through Isabella’s room, they found a third one – one they were unaware that they possessed.

Surprisingly, the medium said that Emily was actually a “he”, and that the spirit was more like a harpy by taking the form of a child when in reality they were evil. The family and the medium burned a red candle, which “Emily” proceeded to pick up and throw across the room. It splattered against the wall similar to blood.

Later that night, after Laurel had fallen asleep, Brian was possessed by the entity, causing him to attack his wife. Laurel was convinced that she was going to die. She managed to escape, frightened but unharmed. When Brian came back to normal, the couple decided to leave. The next day, they drove off, not to return.

Since then, the Poremskis have not had any more paranormal experiences. The house has since had new owners, but they only resided in the home for a few months before “Emily” forced them to leave.

In Popular Culture

  • The house was featured on Paranormal Witness Season 1 Episode 1 “Emily the Imaginary Friend/The Lost Girl.”


  1. SyFy. “Emily the Imaginary Friend/The Lost Girl,” www.SyFy.com



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