Nature: Sanders Valley

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Location: Garwood, Missouri, USA
Discovered: Unknown
Type: Valley
Status: Still standing


Sanders Valley was the site of a barn belonging to a family during the Civil War. While the war was going on, a group of Union soldiers killed the family living on the farm because they were southern sympathizers. The story goes that the women and children were cast into the old cistern, the father was dragged around the valley to death, and the slave was hung in the barn. Now, on nights with full moons, the apparition of the slave can be seen swinging from the rafters. Children can be heard laughing.

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  1. Very interesting–we have a place here in our community that may interest you. The Abijah Thomas Octagon House is still standing in the Thomas Bridge area. The house was constructed by Abijah Thomas in the late 1850s. The Thomas family kept slaves up until slavery was abolished. Historical sources say that many of those slaves continued to work for Thomas because he treated them well. Local urban legends claim otherwise. The house is a condemned 2 story octagonal house that sits on a hill overlooking the valley. It is said that screams can be heard coming from the house as well as walking (according to those who have ventured inside). The screaming is said to be the ghosts of the slaves and they are said to scream due to abuse that took place particularly in a room on the 2nd floor in the center of the house that had no windows often referred to as “the dark room.”

    Some research has indicated that dark stains on the floor of this room appearing to be blood were in fact that of canned goods that were left in the room. Apparently it was a storage area in the house that was conveniently located in a central location.


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