Ramada Inn in Eureka, Missouri

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Location: Eureka, Kansas, USA
Built: Unknown
Operation Time: ? – Present
Type: Hotel
Status: Open


A Ramada Inn employee witnessed odd happenings on their shift while they were doing laundry and stocking closets. On one night, they saw shadows go across the dryers for about thirty seconds before they disappeared.

Several years ago, a little girl named Aggie lived on the land with her family. Rumor has it that she resided in the barn (now the banquet halls/front desk area). She is said to have fallen out of one of the barn’s upper windows. Today, many visitors have watched her apparition running through the halls. Aggie tends to play with the guests by peeking around the corner; however, as soon as you look at her, she takes off.

One of the rooms in the 300s is where one man committed suicide. Two elderly women once came into the hotel and received the room where the man killed himself. When they checked into the room, they saw the dead body of a man in the bath tub. They ran to the lobby screaming. When hotel service checked the tub, there was nothing there. The women eventually found another place to stay for the night.

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