Wabaunsee High School

Alma, Kansas

BUILT: Unknown
OPERATION TIME: Unknown to present


Wabaunsee High School in Alma, Kansas is haunted by the spirits of past teachers and students who died during graduation. Most of the paranormal occurrences take place on the third floor, and they have been experienced by teachers and students alike.

On one occasion, the junior-senior English teacher was sitting alone in the classroom grading papers. She noticed that the lights in the auditorium were turning on and off on their own, and voices could be heard coming from it. Thinking that students had stayed in the building to pull pranks, she went to investigate it, only to find the door locked. The lights continued to flicker.

The teacher returned to her classroom to get the key to the auditorium. Immediately after she unlocked the door, the lights and voices stopped. No one appeared to be inside. However, as she left the theater, she was surprised by the site of every locker on the floor being opened wide open, even the ones with padlocks. When she closed the auditorium door, the lockers slammed back shut. Now terrified, she left the high school without locking her classroom.

In another instance, the same teacher was grading papers alone in her classroom again. This time, she heard music emanating from the auditorium. Once more, she grabbed her key and unlocked the door. When she looked inside, she nearly passed out, having seen the apparition of a woman playing an instrument. The figure was that of a former band teacher that had died a few years ago due to cancer.


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