Old Dodge City High School

Dodge City, Kansas

BUILT: c. 1800s
OPERATION TIME: c. 1800s to present


The old Dodge City High School was built sometime during the 1800s. While it is known that the school is haunted by ghosts, the reason for the haunting has been tainted by legends and lies, making it difficult to uncover the history of the paranormal at the school. There are several different spirits that reside at the Dodge City High School, not all of them friendly.

The high school features a number of passageways underground that have been blocked off. Legend has it that one student was exploring the catacombs after school hours and accidentally knocked himself out. Trapped, he died there.

A group of school staff began taking down everything that had to do with a play that had recently been performed. They eventually went into the basement hallways that connected to the commons area and the library. While doing so, they ran into an unlit area of the halls. There, they heard the library door open and slam shut, followed by a laugh.

The group then ran into the library, only to get locked inside with no hope of help. Suddenly, another person came into the catacombs, rescuing the others.

The underground halls have since been remodeled and the school is still used today.


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