Homestead Country Club

Fairway, Kansas

Location: Fairway, Kansas, USA
Built: Unknown
Operation Time: ? – Present
Type: Country Club
Status: Open

BUILT: Unknown
OPERATION TIME: Unknown to present


The Homestead Country Club in Fairway, Kansas is haunted by an unidentified spirit. Cold spots are often reported in the restaurant, particularly near one of the tables that doesn’t have any source of a draft nearby. Visitors have also seen tables, chairs, and other furniture move by itself.

In the kitchen and the dining room, there have been instances of mysterious voices, objects moving themselves on their own, being touched by invisible entities, and peripheral vision sightings. Country club employees have witnessed items being thrown through the air when no one is responsible for doing it.

Two employees barely escaped without injury when knives were being thrown by an unseen spirit. One of them, a waiter/busser, was nearly struck in the head by a steak knife.

The ghost is believed to be of a man who died on the tennis court of a heart attack, though he may not be the sole spirit haunting the Homestead Country Club.


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