Dead Children’s Playground

Dead Children's Playground in Huntsville, Alabama

Location: Huntsville, Alabama, USA
Founded: Unknown
Type: Playground
Status: Open


The Maple Hill Cemetery, founded in 1822, is Alabama’s oldest and largest cemetery. The Dead Children’s Playground is located within the cemetery limits, found in a cove surrounded by a rock cliff on three sides and paths through the woods.

The spirits of dead children from the cemetery are said to come play on the playground. Legend also has it that during the 1960s, Huntsville had a large amount of child abductions, and that the bodies of the children were found in the area surrounding the playground.

Activity includes swings moving on their own, the voices of children calling out, and the sound of giggling. Whenever visitors take photos, orbs of light appear mysteriously. Most of the paranormal occurrences happen between 10 PM and 3 AM.

The swings have been known to swing in sync by themselves, and a few witnesses have even stated that they have seen dust from the sand that covers the park ground to rise up as if someone has jumped off.

In Fall, 2007, the City of Huntsville decided to tear down the playground so they could expand the cemetery and make way for new graves. In one night’s work, all of the playground equipment was demolished. The public was enraged, causing the City to install new play structures.

The Alabama Paranormal Society investigated the area in January, 2008. The voice of a woman or a female child was heard during the ghost hunt. One photo picked up the misty figure of a woman, and many other photos featured several orbs.




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  1. Shoot. My husband and I would have liked to explore this playground. It certainly looks eerie.


    1. The black and white photo alone is pretty spooky. Next time you go on vacation, just let me know where you’re going and I can get you a full list of haunts/abandonments in the area, if you want. 😀

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      Email At:


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