Dead Children’s Playground

Huntsville, Alabama

FOUNDED: Unknown


Founded in 1822, the Maple Hill Cemetery is Alabama’s oldest and largest cemetery. “Dead Children’s Playground” is located within the cemetery’s limits, sitting in a cove surrounded by a rocky cliff and paths through the woods.

Legend has it that during the 1960s, Huntsville, Alabama was subject to a sizeable number of child abductions, with the bodies turning up in the area surrounding the playground. It is speculated that the spirits that haunt the area come from the children buried in the cemetery as well as the victims of the kidnappings.

The swings have been known to move on their own, sometimes in sync. A few witnesses have reported seeing dust rise up as though someone jumped off the swing. There are also claims of disembodied voices of children calling out or giggling. Photographers have captured mysterious orbs of light in their pictures. Most of the paranormal occurrences take place between 10 PM and 3 AM.

In fall 2007, the City of Huntsville elected to tear the playground down in order to expand Maple Hill Cemetery and make way for new graves. The “Dead Children’s Playground” was demolished in one night, leaving the public enraged. The city installed new play structures instead.

The Alabama Paranormal Society investigated the area in January 2008, capturing the voice of a woman or female child, a photo of the misty figure of a woman, and several pictures containing orbs.


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  1. Shoot. My husband and I would have liked to explore this playground. It certainly looks eerie.


    1. The black and white photo alone is pretty spooky. Next time you go on vacation, just let me know where you’re going and I can get you a full list of haunts/abandonments in the area, if you want. 😀

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