Undisclosed Private Residence 2 (Seen on Paranormal Witness)

California, USA

BUILT: Unknown
STATUS: Still standing


In 1988, 23-year old Jackie Hernandez was starting a new life. She had a son and was pregnant with a daughter, but problems in her marriage caused her to divorce and go off on her own. Jackie found what looked like a perfect place to live with her children.

After about month of living in the house, Jackie started hearing strange sounds in the house. At first, it sounded like small pebbles falling inside of the walls. Every night then on, she began to hear a high-pitched noise. Jackie followed the noise, and came to the attic, only to find its door wide open when she hadn’t opened it.

One night, Jackie’s friend Susan had come over for a visit. As they were chatting, they were interrupted by a large banging sound coming from the kitchen. Upon investigation, they discovered that a picture that had been hanging on the wall had somehow wound up leaning against the backsplash of the sink. The nails hanging the image were on the table, positioned standing straight on their heads.

Jackie’s neighbor and friend Tina Lawler often babysat Jackie’s son, Jamie. Being that it was late and that Jamie hadn’t made any noises for a while, Tina went to go check on the boy. She discovered that his door was open. She went inside and closed the door behind her. When Tina turned around to leave, the door was open again.

One day, Tina was over at Jackie’s house, and the two were cooking. They both witnessed odd orbs of light near the kitchen ceiling. When Jackie attempted to take pictures, the camera mysteriously stopped working. Tina then proceeded to take the camera and point it out the kitchen window. In the photo, she saw the face of an old, skeletal-looking man when no one was outside.

At first, Jackie’s ex-husband Al didn’t believe her story, and suggested calling out to the spirit and ask it to show itself. When she did, nothing happened. After her ex-husband left the house, Jackie went into the closet. There, she found Al’s name written hundreds of times on the wall.

Susan suggested that Jackie inform the landlord. While on a walk, the two friends bumped into the landlord and his wife. Susan mentioned the events to him, and he suggested that they call in priests. When the priests arrived, they were skeptical, as they saw Jackie possessed some horror movies and a skeleton decoration in the aquarium, and they simply chalked it up to Jackie bringing it onto herself. They even suggested that Jamie was crying because he was possessed by the Devil.

The following day, a Social Services representative showed up unannounced, as the priests had reported that Jackie was on hallucinogenics and was pregnant. After that, Jackie decided not to tell anything to anyone ever again.

Despite the fact she didn’t want to bring her new daughter, Samantha, into the house, Jackie had no choice financially to move, and was forced to stay there. After returning home from buying groceries, she was shocked to find magnetic letters arranged on the refrigerator that said “Get the hell out”, while nothing else had been touched.

Now afraid to go to sleep, Jackie put Jamie onto a day bed with her, and Samantha slept beside them in a bassinette. One night, Jackie was awoken by the sound of breathing, and she followed it into her son’s bedroom. On her son’s bed sat an old man who suddenly disappears, followed by all of the shades on the windows suddenly flying up. Though terrified, Jackie put up a poker face to her children.

Still too afraid to tell anyone about her experiences after the last time, Jackie refused to listen to Susan’s suggestions. While washing the dishes, Jackie witnessed blood coming out of the sink and the kitchen cabinets. Pools of it were on the floor, surrounding her.

Quickly, she dialed the phone number of she thought was a parapsychologist (it was actually a paranormal team). Al came to visit at the time of the investigation. As the team interviewed her about her experiences, the crew’s light mysteriously went out. After a few short moments, the light came back on.

While resting on Jamie’s bed, Al is disturbed when he hears a disembodied voice whisper in his ear “Tell them to get the hell out of here”. A matter of seconds later, Al heard someone yelling from the attic. The yelling came from the photographer, who was in the attic. He claimed that something took his camera out of his hands.

The head of the investigation, Barry Conrad, followed the photographer into the attic to find the camera. After a few seconds in the attic, Barry’s video camera battery failed. When the two investigators found the camera, they discovered the actual camera is in one place, and the lens is in another. They came out of the attic and shot one last interview with Jackie before leaving.

On Jackie’s last night in the house, the intensity of the spiritual attacks increased when the entity decided it wanted to play with Jamie and Samantha’s toys. The ghost hurled a beach ball into the living room with angry force. Jackie closed her eyes for just a brief second, and when she reopened them, she found herself being held down and she couldn’t breathe.

Eventually, the spirit released its clutches on her, and Jackie grabbed a baseball bat, deciding it was time to take a stand. She entered the attic and began to call out to the spirit. This time, it showed itself, which caused her to experience such a surprise that she fell through the trapdoor and land on the floor.

Immediately after the events, she grabbed Jamie, Samantha, and the phone and ran outside. Then, Jackie called Barry and his team, begging for help. Even despite the fact the line was mysteriously cut in the middle of the conversation, the team showed up at the house to try to take care of the spirit once and for all.

Gary Boehm, the sound recordist, and the photographer went into the attic, only to find nothing. Barry and Jackie, however, began to feel bad about something up there. Suddenly, the entity dragged the photographer away. Gary went after him, but found him up against the roof support with a noose around his neck.

That night, Jackie and her children left the house and moved away. They no longer experience any sort of paranormal activity. The tenants who have rented the house have never resided there for more than a couple of months due to the phenomena. The identity of the ghost is unknown.

In Popular Culture

  • The house was featured on Paranormal Witness Season 2 Episode 1 “The Man in the Attic.”


  1. SyFy Channel. “The Man in the Attic,” www.SyFyChannel.com



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