Highway 50

Placerville, California

BUILT: Unknown


In 1994, a woman named Christine Skubish and her son, Nick, were going to start a new life in Southern California. Everything looked alright after she left her family’s home, located near Sacramento. However, her father received a call two days later stating that Christine never arrived.

Because of the fact she had only been missing a couple of days, the police believed that she would eventually show up somewhere, and they proceeded to treat the case as a “routine” missing persons report.

Karen, Christine’s aunt, called the family’s home as she had experienced a dream involving Nick and the number 16 repeating throughout it. As Karen had had premonitions before, she drove to Sacramento.

Four days later, the police put a higher priority on Christine Skubish’s case. The detective that was assigned to the case asked Deputy Strasser about contacting every gas station on the route.  In Placerville, Strasser found a clerk that remembered Christine from her picture, and he said she left her son in the car. He also said that Christine had explained to him that she was tired, and that she was going to have to drive through the winding mountain roads of Highway 50 in order to see a friend.

Meanwhile, in Sacramento, a woman named Deborah Hoyt awoke in the middle of that Saturday night with the overpowering feeling of needing to go home. While en route from Highway 50 to Lake Tahoe, Deborah saw a naked, dead woman on the side of the road.

Deborah and her husband reached the nearest phone they could, and called 911. Upon the police’s arrival, the officers found nothing, and summed it up to Deborah seeing things. When Deborah was back home, she simply cried for the woman.

Deputy Strasser became convinced that the Hoyt sighting and Christine’s disappearance were somehow connected after he spoke with the officers who talked to Deborah Hoyt. The next morning, he searched the road for anything unusual; he found a child’s shoe, possibly belonging to Nick Skubish.

From there, Deputy Strasser began to go down off of the road. He then began to see debris, and he followed the trail. At the very end, there was a red car that had been ripped apart as it flew off of the road. When he investigated the driver’s side, he found Christine’s dead body. Nick was sitting unconscious in the passenger’s seat. Strasser was certain the two were both deceased; then he noticed Nick was breathing.

While watching the news, Deborah Hoyt recognized Christine’s face from the body she had seen lying in the road from the video of the case. About two weeks after the crash, Christine’s family came to the crash site in order to make sure they had collected all of their daughter’s belongings. By the crash site, there was a sign: mile marker 16.

In 2011, Nick recalled the accident: there was a bright light next to his mother, and the same light appeared up by the road. Within the light, he mentioned he could see some sort of a silhouette, which he believes was his mother protecting him and watching over him.

In Popular Culture

  • The story was featured on Paranormal Witness Season 1 Episode 2 “Haunted Highway/Kentucky UFO Chase”.


  1. SyFy Channel. “Haunted Highway Kentucky UFO chase,” http://www.SyFy.com



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