The Hill School Chapel

Pottstown, Pennsylvania

BUILT: Late 1800s
OPERATION TIME: Late 1800s to present


Built during the late 1800s, the Hill School Chapel was a gift from the alumni of the exclusive boarding school. John Meigs, the one of the school’s first headmasters, was suffering from severe depression, and he hung himself from a light inside of the chapel. Due to the fact his suicide was such a sin, Meigs could not be buried on holy ground; instead, he is buried outside the side doors of the chapel.

Now, the students who sneak into the chapel at night have reported seeing the very light in which Meigs hung himself from swing back and forth. Additionally, the stairway to the bell tower (located in the back of the chapel) is covered with the signatures of past altar boys and alumni of the school. The sounds of bells ringing, Latin being spoken, and screaming can all be heard coming from the back stairwell.

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  1. Went to the Hill School (class of ’85) but never heard these stories. Interesting though.


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