Old First Baptist Church in Collinsville, Illinois

Collinsville, Illinois

BUILT: Unknown
OPERATION TIME: Unknown to 2003
STATUS: Burned down


During World War I, a German janitor was locked up in the First Baptist Church’s basement, and then the building was set ablaze, as many Americans were against any Germans in the United States because of the war. Eventually, the church was rebuilt, the original basement left intact.

After years of disuse, the church was turned into a haunted house during October, with some ghosts more real than others. Cold spots, an uncomfortable feeling, the sound of footsteps, and shadowy apparitions of a hell hound and hooded figure are just some of the occurrences that take place in the building.

Upon investigation, it was discovered that a grand total of seven residing spirits inhabit the building, as well as one known simply as “the Demon”. The Demon has been known to hide items in the building and grabbing visitors so hard that he induces bruises.

In 2003, the First Baptist Church burned to the ground in October, just before its prime Halloween season. There are currently no remains of the building left. It is unknown if the spirits still reside there.


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